Our Vintage Shoot

We were inspired by the 50s to the 80s look, that portray a fine subtle image. We recreated what somehow an upper class woman would normally wear. We had to use what was available. 

We chose Edmonda for the shoot because of her unique look. She is a model with rare features.

She was professional and very flexible. Take to instructions swiftly and beautifully executes.

Floral Jumpsuit: This look was common in the 70s / 80s. Styling it with the ankle boots gave it an edgy style. 

floral jumpsuit with turquoise ankle boots

Monochrome Swimwear: Test shoot showing her slender body posture.

monochrome swim wear showing her slender body

Painter’s Studio: The set was created by Chantal. Trying on different things, she thought reversing the canvas and having differing shapes of painter’s chair would give it a more vintage look. That did the trick thus… “painter’s studio”. 

painter’s studio created by Chantal Edie

expression in the eyes… strong jawline 💖

Refined: She is lust in riches, spends vastly on her clothes, shoes and accessories but darkness clouds…our everyday rich.

richly lust


Styled: Beryl Ann 
Photographer: Chantal Eddie 

Model: Edmonda Guassen 

MakeUp: Beauty By Gwenola 

Creative Director: Beryl Ann & Chantal 

Check out: https://www.studioxldouala.com/we-held-onto-our-vision/


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